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Driving around in a bouncy vehicle can get old very quickly. Whether you're currently experiencing shock and strut issues or you're looking to help ensure that you don't, Ellicott City drivers can count on the Koons White Marsh Chevrolet team for help! Our team of seasoned technicians is prepared to help with a host of service needs beyond just shocks and struts! From oil changes to brake service to auto battery replacement to many other larger, more involved service needs, the Koons White Marsh Chevrolet team is ready to help! Schedule a service appointment at Koons White Marsh Chevrolet today!

Shock and Strut Repair

There are several signs that can help drivers determine the overall condition of your shocks and struts. For starters, drivers can look for bouncy ride quality. Bouncy ride quality is a sign that your shocks and struts aren't dampening bumps and jarring holes well. If, when you drive over a pothole or speedbump, your vehicle bounces excessively, it's likely a sign that your shocks are in need of repair. Granted, this isn't average bouncing we're talking about, this is a noticeably intense amount of bouncing. If this sounds like something that you're currently dealing with, a service appointment may be a good idea! Beyond just bouncy ride quality, Ellicott City drivers can look for vehicle nosedive tendencies when applying the brakes. By nosedive, we mean a hefty front-end lurch. If any of the above-mentioned symptoms fit your driving experience, a shock and strut service appointment may be a good idea!

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