Oil Change Service in White Marsh, MD

Oil Change Service in White Marsh, MD

Don't wait until it's too late to change your oil! Schedule a service appointment at Koons White Marsh Chevrolet to have a seasoned technician take care of your oil service needs! Our team can assist with a great deal more than just oil changes, too! Schedule a service appointment with Koons White Marsh Chevrolet today!

Oil changes are a part of the regular maintenance needed no matter what type of vehicle you drive. From brakes to tires and more, cars require checkups and care to ensure they stay reliable and run efficiently. The oil change is one of the more frequently performed maintenance items, and it's also one of the most important. Get your oil changed at Koons White Marsh Chevrolet and keep your car running at peak performance.

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

Unless you drive an electric vehicle around the Baltimore area, your car uses an internal combustion engine that requires oil in order to run smoothly. The oil in your engine performs several major functions. These include:

  • Lubricating all the moving parts and pieces of the engine. There are a lot of moving parts in an engine, and they all move at high speeds. As they move, they create heat and wear down. If there is not enough lubrication throughout the engine, the components will wear down faster than if they are properly lubricated. 
  • Keeping the car from overheating by reducing friction, absorbing the byproducts of combustion, and transferring heat.
  • Removing particles and sludge. Dirt particles get into the oil over time, and as the oil circulates through the engine, it will leave the dirt behind, which can damage the engine.
  • Improving gas mileage. Engines that are not properly lubricated burn more fuel. It takes more work for the engine to do its job if the parts have too much friction. When an engine has to work harder, it needs more gas, which means you spend more time and money at the pump.

Over time, if the oil level in your vehicle becomes too low or the oil becomes dirty, it won't perform these functions as well as it should. If you don't have enough oil, it can cause severe engine problems and even cause the engine to seize and stop working altogether. Getting your oil changed regularly keeps the engine working properly and protects all of its parts and pieces.

What Exactly Is  an Oil Change?

When you get the oil changed, the technician removes the old oil by draining it out and then replacing it with new, clean oil. In most cases, they will also remove the oil filter and put in a new one. Depending on your vehicle, you can choose conventional oil or synthetic oil. Regular oil is made from petroleum, while synthetic oil is made from a blend of chemicals. The benefit of using a synthetic is that it moves with less friction throughout the motor and can withstand higher and lower temperature extremes.

Synthetic oil lasts longer than regular oil and will help make the engine more efficient because it has a uniform molecule structure. Regular oil is less expensive than synthetic, but you have to have it changed more often.

The owner's manual will specify which type of oil you need, and the experienced technicians at Koons White Marsh Chevrolet will also know the best oil for your vehicle. They will also have the tools and information necessary to determine the specific weight and grade of oil your car or truck needs.

Why Change the Oil Instead of Just Topping It Off?

If you are low on oil in an emergency situation, topping it off will work, but it is not always the best solution. When you pour clean oil down on top of dirty oil, it eventually just mixes together, and you have more dirty oil going through your engine. This can put more stress on the oil and prevent it from working as it should.

To get the most out of your engine and the oil, your best bet is to schedule an oil change according to the manufacturer's guidelines, so you don't find yourself in a situation where you have to add more to keep the engine running.

How Often Should I Get the Oil Changed?

The owners manual will state specifically how often your particular engine needs an oil change. Depending on how old your vehicle is and the type of oil it needs, it is usually about every 3,000 miles or every three months in older vehicles. Newer technology in late model cars and trucks allows some to go up to 7,500 miles or up to six months before needing an oil change.

It's important to note that it is not just about the number of miles you drive. Even if you don't drive a lot and don't hit the mileage needed within three to six months, you should still get the oil changed because it needs to be fresh. As oil gets old, it becomes less effective, and if you don't start up the engine and drive it enough to allow the oil to heat up and run through the components, excess moisture can build up in the engine that doesn't get removed. This can shorten the life of your engine.

Where Should I Go To Get My Oil Changed?

The best place to get your oil changed is right here at Koons White Marsh Chevrolet. Our service team is ready to get you in and out so you can get back on the Baltimore area roads.

While some people want to change their own oil at home, it is better to have trained professionals take care of it. Even though it seems like a simple process, if you make a mistake, you could jeopardize the engine's health and end up without a working vehicle.

Getting your oil changed at the dealership also allows the technicians to take a look under your hood for any leaks or other problems. If you do the oil change at home, you might not detect a problem that requires a closer look and possibly a repair and then end up an even bigger problem.

Give us a call at Koons White Marsh Chevrolet and schedule your next oil change. We look forward to servicing your vehicle and providing you with excellent customer service.

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