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Chevrolet Repair in the Baltimore Area

Parts & Service


Baltimore and Ellicott City drivers looking for a service experience that they can count on can look to the Koons White Marsh Chevrolet team with confidence! Whether you're looking for a service team for smaller needs like oil changes and battery replacement or you're considering more extensive needs, like rotor or brake pad replacement, Towson and Bel Air, MD drivers can count on the Koons White Marsh Chevrolet service team!


Tire Servicing

Tire Servicing

Wondering how to tell when you should change your tires? White Marsh and Bel Air, MD drivers can look to the penny test for assistance! The penny test requires just a penny and your current set of tires. The test is quite straightforward: drivers just need to take the penny, turn it upside down so that Lincoln's head is pointed towards the tire, and place the penny in the groove of the tire tread. If none of Lincoln's head is obscured, drivers should change their tires. If some of Lincoln's head is obscured, drivers have enough tread left and don't need to necessarily change their tires.

Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

A small but essential part of any vehicle, the battery helps to ensure that drivers can start their vehicle! While it also powers many other aspects of vehicles (electronics, mostly), it might be most important in its role with the starter. The rest of your vehicle can be in supreme condition, without a scratch or ding, but if your battery is dead, your vehicle won't able to start! What's the point of a car if you can't drive it? Ensure that your vehicle's battery is in tip-top shape, look to the White Marsh Chevrolet team for assistance with battery purchasing and replacement.

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake Pad Replacement

There are a variety of factors that come into play when considering replacing your vehicle's brake pads. Whether you're a driver that deals with Baltimore stop-and-go traffic on a daily basis or you're a White Marsh driver that encounters less traffic, driving habits and environment have different impacts on your brake pad health. Stop-and-go city traffic often leads to a quicker wearing down of your brake pads. On the other hand, areas with less traffic and less stop-and-go traffic often wear down your brakes less.

Signs you need to replace your brake pads

Drivers can look for telltale signs like squealing and grinding noises to physical signs like stuttering and jerking to indicate that their vehicle might need brake pads replaced.

Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation

The weight distribution of your vehicle determines the wear on your tires. With that said, your rear tires might be more worn down due to some heavy items that are often in your trunk or rear storage space. Or maybe it's reverse and your front tires are more worn out than your rear tires - if this is the case, Bal Air, MD drivers may want to consider getting a tire rotation. Ensure that your tires wear evenly - and last as long as possible - by rotating them! Look to the Koons White Marsh Chevrolet team for all your tire rotation needs!

Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement & Repair

It happens. Sometimes you're driving along, minding your own business and suddenly a rock smacks your windshield, creating a crack in your once pristine windshield. As much of a pain it might be, repairing your windshield is a reality that many Baltimore and Towson drivers have, or will have, to face. Fear not! Drivers can look to the Koons White Marsh Chevrolet team for help! Our service team can work with drivers to fix or replace your windshield!

Maintenance Checkup

Maintenance Checkups

You don't need to have a problem with your vehicle to bring it in for a service appointment! Ellicott City and Baltimore drivers looking to make sure your vehicle stays in prime condition can consider stopping by for a maintenance checkup! From basic inspections to extensive checkups, Ellicott City drivers can look to Koons White Marsh Chevrolet for help with the basics and the big stuff!

Why choose the Koons White Marsh Chevrolet team

Our service team consists of seasoned technicians that are versed in a range of vehicle maintenance needs. We're not particular about the vehicle - from Chevy vehicles to Audi, Ford, Nissan, and beyond - Baltimore drivers can look to the Koons White Marsh Chevrolet team for assistance with nearly any and all service needs.

Visit Koons White Marsh Chevrolet!

Our team of professionals is excited to work with drivers from Baltimore to Ellicott City - and far beyond! Have a few lingering questions? Wondering whether it's even worth fixing your vehicle and if you should purchase a new one? Call or stop by Koons White Marsh Chevrolet! Our team of professionals is ready to assist drivers with almost any automotive need. From buying a new vehicle to fixing your current one - there's a Koons White Marsh Chevrolet team member ready to work with Towson drivers. Stop by, call, or utilize our online service page to schedule a service appointment!